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We are fully certified to export live animals,
semen and embryos to the European Union

The Romanov is a breed of remarkable prolificacy and maternal strengths. They originated in Russia and were first imported into Canada in the 1980's, then after a 5-year quarantine period were spread throughout North America. Despite all North American Romanovs descending from relatively few animals they have retained exceptional hardiness, lamb vigor and productivity. The North American breed record is 7 live lambs born in one litter! The Romanov is a genetically pure breed, distinct from British and American breeds. In 1999 our mature Romanov flock (24 ewes) lambed out at just over 430% live born lambs. Many of these ewes will raise 4 lambs if provided with adequate high quality nutrition, and excellent management. This level of productivity is achieved without the use of reproductive drugs or hormones.

Purebred Romanovs are not for the beginning sheep producer, as they require a high level of management and special care around lambing time.

Another extraordinary feature of the breed is hardiness, lamb vigor and lamb survival. The lambs are easily born due to fine bone structure and relatively light birth weights. They are generally up, active and nursing within minutes of birth. They will share concentrate and hay with their mothers while still in the claiming pens. Romanov carcasses remain lean as a large portion of their fat is laid down internally. Purebreds finish at relatively light weights (80-100lbs) which makes them ideal for the rapidly expanding ethnic market. When bred to a terminal sire such as a Charollais the crossbred lambs grow rapidly, and grade very well.

The Romanov is aseasonal and therefore an ideal breed to incorporate into an accelerated lambing system. Lambs reach sexual maturity at a very young age (as early as 3-4 months). Early weaning at 8-10 weeks must be a part or your management with this breed. Rams are aggressive breeders and will remain fertile and active all year long. Our rams that do not make breeding quality are sold as vasectomized teasers - a Romanov will be the most effective teaser you've ever owned!

Let us put these incredible sheep to
work in your flock & watch your profits rise

In 2011 we imported semen from France. This will give us new bloodlines from 3 high performing French Romanov sires to increase genetic diversity in our flock. The AI ewes are due to lamb in May 2012, so check back often to see what new CLRC, and NARSA rams will be available for sale.

Purebred Romanov ewes do require a high level of management from the producer, however the real moneymakers in any flock will be the Romanov - X ewes. ½ Romanovs retain much of the productivity and prolificacy yet produce offspring with improved carcass qualities. 50% RV ewes will lamb at 275%-300% The ¼ Romanov ewes are the perfect match for the beginner or low-input commercial lamb producer. In our hands these ewes will lamb and raise a 225% lamb crop with virtually no assistance. It does not take much of the exceptional Romanov genetics to improve productivity in your flock!

Over the years we have tried many crosses with the Romanov to produce a hardy, productive commercial ewe. We now only produce Romanov Charollais crosses, and sell out of crossbred ewe lambs early each year.

We produce purebred rams lambs, and purebred and crossbred ewe lambs for sale. Our flock is tested OPP negative, and certified Level A on the Western Canadian Flock Health Program.


Crossbred RV ewes with lambs

RV x CO ewe with triplets = RV x CO ewe
with triplet ¾ CO lambs

¾ Charollais ¼ Romanov lambs
at 6 weeks of age